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A story of self love



Normadelle Whittle, Visual Arts Educator and Artist has devoted over two decades of her

career in the classroom. It has been a lifetime of Art.

Sea Island Natural Skin Care Products grew out of the desire to express her love of the Arts in

another form. Normadelle’s foray into making Skin Care products began six years ago and this

transition was seamless.

One hallmark of her career is excellence at all levels. This is certainly exemplified by the

prestigious award of Teacher of The Year, conferred on her by the Dekalb County School System

of Atlanta, Georgia in 2000. This trait of excellence is moulded into each finished product.

Normadelle is effervescent and fun loving; however, she employs a serious approach to

manufacturing; there are no short cuts.

The expanse of the inventory includes natural, organic soaps, body butters and body scrubs all

of which are handmade, and, made with love for you!

"my wrinkles and fine lines show my wisdom and strengtH"

A photo of Normadelle's mother's hands. Normadelle's mother is 104 years old and has been using Sea Island Natural Skin products as a major part of her self care routine. Her favorite scents are Gardenia, Jasmine  and floral scents which she applies daily to keep her hands and feet moisturized.

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